Twitter "Breaking-News Juked" Brain Williams & Friends

How very clear it was that the world is moving more rapid than we sometimes are prepared for.  As bulletins began to come across to stay tuned for Obama's press conference, twitter began to light up.  Not only did it light up, but it juked the television news media and proved that it is no longer the most reliable source for the most up to date news.  Twitter now is.
At 10:25 p.m. Sunday night, while Mr. Obama was writing his speech, one particular tweet seemed to confirm it. Keith Urbahn, the chief of staff for the former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld, wrote at that time, “So I’m told by a reputable person they have killed Osama Bin Laden."  Then it all came out.

Brian Williams and his cronies were breaking news juked.

Check out this video on how quickly the world is changing and evaluate how your organization is managing the tension of shift vs consistency when it comes to your direction, vision and mission.

3 Questions:

1. Who is juking you? Is your ministry, business, church or organization keeping up with the quick changes is this world in communication and relevance? Do you know how to manage that tension?
2. Are you listening to those who are catalysts of innovation or to those who drop phrases like, "we always did it that way" or "but that's how we like it"?
3. As a follow-up to Question #2 - Is your organization on the rise or the dangerous slope of decline?