What's My Line Again?

Check out this video out for 2 Sentences that can help invigorate your motivation in career, family, life, ministry:

If you really want to find true motivation, you need to ask yourself, "what's my sentence?". I love this concept.
I have come across a lot of individuals who completely understand this concept.
  • Some have defined their sentence by turning tragedy into triumph, stories and life change
  • Some have found purpose in their careers
  • Some have found a redefined role in their families.
Sometimes, I fail miserably at my "sentence".  But that is okay!  Sometimes one of the hardest things to do in life is define our purpose, to clearly state God's purpose for our life.  If you feel you are missing that, take some time to define your sentence.  Just doing that gives you a clearer definition of what a win looks like for yourself.

What's your sentence?  Life, Career, Ministry, Family?