Disciplining My Wayward Nature

We live in a world that is ME-focused and far too often I find myself falling into the trap of inconsistent practicing of some spiritual disciplines. 

Thanks to some books I have recently read including The Next Christians, by Gabe Lyons I was reminded of the following disciplines.  As I began to rank them as to what was my weakest vs best practiced discipline I began to realize how difficult it was to label my "best practiced" discipline.  That was disappointing for me because I know in my heart that consistent practicing of these restores me from my wayward tendencies.

  1. Immersed in Scripture (instead of entertainment) - TV, Talk radio, NPR, Facebook, music, film, Internet, iPhone games, video games, social activities, etc
  2. Observing the Sabbath (instead of being productive) - Ignoring yesterday and tomorrow to be present in the moment. Disengage from a highly productive culture so God can restore us.
  3. Fasting for simplicity (instead of consuming) - Discomfort from not having to give us a more thoughtful way of living that gives others a glimpse of what restoration is all about.
  4. Choosing Embodiment (instead of being divided) - "Less is more" concept in giving others our attention.  Mastering the practice of being fully present in your relationships, meetings, one on one conversations and community. 
  5. Postured by Prayer (instead of Power) - Prayer by its very nature settles the soul in a me centered world.  Reminds us that we are not in control and that we are not the ones responsible to "make it happen".  
I think we all recognize the importance of these practices.  We(I) need to rank how we are doing with these on a regular basis so was can be on the front edge of living to be the most appropriate examples of restoration.