Let's Talk About Sex, Baby - no really let's talk.

Sunday night our youth at Grace had an interesting night to have discussions about sex, how its affects them and compare what the world tells them about it vs. what God's word says about it. 

After getting input and feedback from Kristin, our Youth Director about the night, I am still dumbfounded by what was was most shocking part of the night.

It wasn't that they asked questions about if homosexuality is a sin and how to act towards others, it wasn't that they had questions about masturbation, it wasn't that they had questions about addictions to sex; none of that, although those questions were asked.
Instead, the most shocking learning from the night was that MOST of them have not had any conversations with their parents about the subject of SEX.  What?!?

I'm not an expert in parenting as I only have 2 children under 7, but I know I need to have the tough, uncomfortable, the awkward conversations with my child or teen before they hear it on the playground, the lunch room, the Internet or at their friends house.  We have already begun this at our boys early age and I probably need to get better as well.  It is also not the church's job to completely do this "dirty work" for you.  It is our job to partner with you in this and help resource and equip you to have these conversations.

The Family Team at Grace is here to partner and equip you in this.  If you are looking for resources or want to have a conversation about this and how to talk about this at different age levels, please contact Larry Shallenberger or any of our other Family Team members. 

But by all means, talk to your children and teens about SEX or someone else will and you may find yourself talking after the fact instead of proactively.  Its a conversation not a "get it out of the way" moment.


One Day Staff Retreat

What is happening on staff at Grace you ask? Last Thursday, the staff had our one day spring retreat. It is great to get around this team and talk:

Vision: Heard from Derek on what God has been laying on his heart for the future at Grace. We talked about what excites us, what scares us, what isn't clear, what's missing and how vision guides us. We looked at Acts 20-21 and had each staff member pare down 2-3 measurable vision statements for their department that they could not be dissuaded from.

Remember, vision leaks so fill the buckets often~

Momentum Gaining and sustaining it. Sometimes coming out of a momentum filled time (like launching another campus) its easy to fall back into cruise mode. But it is key to continue to sustain momentum when working with the hearts of people in the community. We looked at Exodus 18:17-26 and the importance of having the right leaders around you to accomplish your vision for momentum on your teams, in your ministry area and how are you developing them.

Remember, If you don't learn to lead under, you probably won't have as many opportunities to lead over. (wish I could remember who said this)

Systems, Processes and TEAM'S We watched Stanley's talk on Liberating your Organization. This isn't about creating systems for people to pursue a relationship with Christ better. It's about having a quality foundation for your teams to lead and for ministry to happen effectively. Its about systems that free you and not restrict you as a leader so the day to day can be efficient and time can be spent walking with others as God changes their hearts.  Ultimately, there are so many other factors that come into this at the global church level involving hearts and the Holy Spirit.

Remember, its the staff's job to create the right environment for "things" to happen., but God still is the one moving the hearts.

So it was an awesome day, God wins every time.


Twitter "Breaking-News Juked" Brian Williams & Friends

How very clear it was that the world is moving more rapid than we sometimes are prepared for.  As bulletins began to come across to stay tuned for Obama's press conference, twitter began to light up.  Not only did it light up, but it juked the television news media and proved that it is no longer the most reliable source for the most up to date news.  Twitter now is.
At 10:25 p.m. Sunday night, while Mr. Obama was writing his speech, one particular tweet seemed to confirm it. Keith Urbahn, the chief of staff for the former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld, wrote at that time, “So I’m told by a reputable person they have killed Osama Bin Laden."  Then it all came out.

Brian Williams and his cronies were breaking news juked.

Check out this video on how quickly the world is changing and evaluate how your organization is managing the tension of shift vs consistency when it comes to your direction, vision and mission.

3 Questions:

1. Who is juking you? Is your ministry, business, church or organization keeping up with the quick changes is this world in communication and relevance? Do you know how to manage that tension?
2. Are you listening to those who are catalysts of innovation or to those who drop phrases like, "we always did it that way" or "but that's how we like it"?
3. As a follow-up to Question #2 - Is your organization on the rise or the dangerous slope of decline?