response to "a tipping dilema"

I posted this in response to The Pipers post on tipping. As a regional manager in that industry for years, these are my thoughts and an article that I would use to talk with my managers and servers from their perspective and how to IMPROVE the tips they receive.

1. My thoughts....

If a customer tells you right off the bat to take good care of them because they’re “Big Tippers”, they’re not.
Good service means never having to ask for anything.
Customers will forgive mistakes in the kitchen more than mistakes in bad service; Good service can save a bad meal. A good meal cannot save bad service.

I agree with tipping a smaller percent for bad service, but being careful….did they see us pray at the beginning of the meal. How will I represent myself even if they don't deserve a tip?

The best practice is TO REWARD GREAT AND SUPERIOR SERVICE, LET THE SERVER KNOW, REMEMBER THE SERVERS NAME SO YOU CAN ASK FOR THEM NEXT TIME. That means more to a server than an extra dollar….but give the extra dollar!! Give over and above when it is due, but always tip.

2. This article is from one of my heroes in the Hospitality industry, Jim Sullivan.
Check it out. What are your thoughts?

Thanks for the conversation starter Molly!


intersting thoughts from another blog

Intersting blog considering all the conversation we have had on this lately....


The Lord's Money
(Author: John Piper)
Every day is the Lord's day just like all your money is the Lord's money.
Nevertheless one day in seven is called "the Lord's Day" in a special sense (Revelation 1:10; cf. 1 Corinthians 16:2; Acts 20:7). We set this day aside for a special focus on corporate worship and spiritual refreshment.
Similarly, some of the Lord's money that you manage should be set aside for the Lord's church and his mission in the world.
I write this today because I received $1,500 in the mail last Tuesday from the U. S. Government. It is not my money. It is the Lord's. All of it. I know how much of it I will give to the Lord's church. Noël and I are agreed.
How about you?


Summer Vacation

Well, we had an awesome vacation:

1. Spent a few days in North Carolina visiting my brother Steve and his family. Went to the Air Show at Cherry Point and it was a scorcher.

2. Went to Myrtle Beach and spent some time with the kids and Kelly. We stayed in an RV that a great friend allowed us to use. It was the first vacation that just the 4 of us have spent together. It was amazing. I loved it. It was also the first time I have not been called from work during my vacation. THAT is amazing.

The boys loved the ocean....attached are some pics.

Back to the grind. I will update soon with my new job and how things have been going, as well as what projects are on the horizon.