Summer Vacation

Well, we had an awesome vacation:

1. Spent a few days in North Carolina visiting my brother Steve and his family. Went to the Air Show at Cherry Point and it was a scorcher.

2. Went to Myrtle Beach and spent some time with the kids and Kelly. We stayed in an RV that a great friend allowed us to use. It was the first vacation that just the 4 of us have spent together. It was amazing. I loved it. It was also the first time I have not been called from work during my vacation. THAT is amazing.

The boys loved the ocean....attached are some pics.

Back to the grind. I will update soon with my new job and how things have been going, as well as what projects are on the horizon.

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Z. Webb said...

Great to see you've found a career path that fits your values and suits your family life -

Congratulations. It's a lot harder to do than what it sounds, huh?

I'll check your blog from time to time to watch your continued success!

Take care, Aaron.

- Z