The Round Up - Balancing Efficiency & Trust in Ministry Staff/Volunteers

Here is the round up of a blog series where I explored the balance of getting efficiency out of those leading in ministry, pushing them (and myself) to high standards, holding them to a firm/fair/consistent working environment; while having heaps of trust in the amazing people I lead with who have skills and talents I will never have or understand - and watching them flourish into what they do so well into the gifts He has blessed them with.

As we passed another Easter season and I was brought to reflection, adoration, worship and love (as were many others) because of so many God-gifted staff members and volunteers at our different campuses, I was reminded of 2 things:

1.  I am led to this because others worship God well by serving Him within the gifts He has gifted them with.

2.  The art of balancing efficiency and trust in staff and volunteers so that God is honored is an art that needs practiced well.

Here is the round up - Click on any link to go to that post.

Balancing Efficiency & Trust in Ministry Staff/Volunteers Intro


#1 - Care for the people who care for the people. (2 of 5)


#2 - Drive the people that drive the people (3 of 5)


#3 - Serve the People that Serve the People (4 of 5)


#4 - Trust - is it achievable? (5 of 5)


TWLOHA - Does that mean anything to you?

You start by loving one.  I am sure most of you know this story, if you don't; you should. To Write Love On Her Arms

I have been intrigued with Jamie Tworkowski since the day I first heard him.  Jamie (and those like him) impress me to the core.  We were created to love God and love others. (Matthew 22:37-40)  Jamie's version of loving others started with Renee and has not ended in the least.  He is a great reminder for me that I(we) need to invest in others because everyone deserves to hear about Jesus and be loved by others no matter who they are or what their struggle is.

We are all uniquely created.
Who have you been uniquely created to love?
Who is your "Renee"?
How many "Renee's" do you pass by every day?



The Round Up - Grace Staff Teams/Volunteers

So here is the round up of the new ministry teams at Grace Church.  These are not our only teams, but for now our 5 main ones.

  • Have been blessed not only with hundreds of people who volunteer their time to serve God well in their gifts, but we have over 30 (almost 40) people in these key roles on these teams.  My highlighting of these teams does not take away from the amazing commitment from everyone who makes the church the church.
  • Are blessed and humbled by the fact that most of the over 400 volunteers spend their time being Christ outside the walls, not here at Grace.  Which, quite frankly is what matters and what we are here for other than discipleship.
  • Have so many sub teams that complement each of the champions in each of these ministry areas
  • Have central staff that has their hands in every team and campus to help support and lead in any way needed.
  • Have support staff and volunteers as well.

Staffing Structures and Team Updates (part 1 of 5)
Weekend/Creative Team Update (part 2 of 5)
Operations / Stewardship Team Update (part 3 of 5)
Family Team Update (part 4 of 5)
Next Steps/Elder Team Updates (part 5 of 5)

I love being a part of a church that worships God not only by loving Him, but by serving Him through serving others. THANK YOU TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE THIS MINISTRY HAPPEN!


Grace Church Staff Updates - Next Steps/Elder Team Updates (part 5 of 5)

(Part 5 of Grace Church Staffing Structure Update)

Finally we look at our last teams:

Next Steps Team
Live Champion, Invest Champion, Volunteer Champion, Equip Champion, Communication Strategist, Coaching Director and Care/Support Champion. Each champion has sub teams.

WHAT? – Every faith journey is different and there is no such thing as assembly-line spirituality. God is a hand-crafter, not a mass-producer. We do believe that, no matter where you are on your journey, there is always a spiritual next step to take. Part of that responsibility is with the church, through programs, classes and events. The other part is up to you. Think of it this way: "You can do it. We can help." One of the ways that we can help is through "L.I.V.E.", which are four common characteristics of growing disciples:

* LIVE in community * INVEST in others * VOLUNTEER your time * EQUIP yourself


• Create compelling growth environments
• Personalize – people over programs
• Tracking
• Synergize
• Develop sub-teams
• Communicate Next Steps options

We want to do everything we can to meet people where THEY are, not where we are. And in doing so help them find their way on their walk through coaching, care/support and these 4 values of a Christ-filled heart.

Lastly we have one of our most important teams. The Elder Team under the direction of our Senior Pastor, Derek Sanford.
This team has huge responsibilities in the vision of Grace, the care for the people of Grace and prayer and watch over this biblical community.