Grace Church Staff Updates - Weekend/Creative Team Update (part 2 of 5)

As part of our transition, we also made a concerted effort to flatten the staff/ministry structure to allow for a team environment and prepare for future growth.   This will take some time for the staff to completely adjust to, but we have had positive success so far.

Here is an overview of our Weekend/Creative Team at Grace Church:

WHAT? – To create a spiritually charged worship environment where people are compelled to attend, inspired to fully participate and motivated to bring others.

This team has the incredible honor of creating a distraction free environment to lead themselves and others to a moment of corporate worship.  This is more than music though; this is through the sermon, the guest experience, any communication, creative videos, involvement from others in the congregation, etc. 

·         Open Source services with life stories, congregational involvement, etc.
·         Compelling aspects of the services
·         Reaching non-believers while remaining gospel centered

Looking forward to the innovation this team has brought us and will continue to in the future.
Next we will talk Family Ministry Team


Di5 said...

Sounds like ur trying too hard. The Word reaches unbelievers, nothing else. Ur comments?

aaron said...

I know what you are talking about. We are very well aware that God is in control, but also know that we play apart in helping to draw those who may not yet know how to worship or understand scriptures as well as they could. God is in control, our job is to love, give grace and share our experiences.