Grace Church Staff Updates - Operations / Stewardship Team Update (part 3 of 5)

Next we move on to our Operations/Stewardship Team:

WHO? - Operations/Administrator, Stewardship Director and Campus Operations Director

WHAT? – Create an atmosphere of warmth and personal welcome, providing a “safe” environment for people to take their next step toward Christ without any distractions from the car to the seat.  They will achieve this through teaching and practicing good stewardship, utilizing volunteers to care for people and facility need and s reacting to any budget and growth changes. 

·         Fully resource the mission of Grace while removing distractions between people and the Gospel
·         Meet the Budget – Not spend more than we have brought in while still enabling ministry to meet objectives
·         Develop volunteer teams to passionately maintain distraction free environments

This team is key to creating a culture and awareness of things we sometimes don’t like to talk about ($$) and things most don’t pay attention to unless they are in disorder.  Love the heart of this team.

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