the other side of the baptism

Yesterday I had an awesome experience. I had the opportunity to be on the other side of a baptism yesterday. By "the other side", I mean that I was gifted the opportunity to baptize my friend and former employee Kat. Kat carries an awesome testimony and shows no inhibitions. Being the one baptizing her, I got hit with a heavy reminder. I was reminded of my purpose in this relationship and those like it.

  • Where am I insufficient in my own life that others might see me being superficial?
  • Am I showing Christ's love to all people all the time?
  • How serious am I taking the role God has given the imperfect person I am to humbly impact the lives He has placed in my path?
  • Why don't we always utilize people to baptize others the way I was able to baptize Kat? It was a great honor, experience and reminder for me to renew my sense of responsibility to this world and those around me.

My duty is great, as is yours. If we are not radically changing lives (including our own) for the cause of Christ, what is the point of having a church?


Exciting Times

Everything has been moving at an incredibly fast pace at Grace lately.

  • I had a great team of 20 help with planting nearly 40 young evergreens on our property last weekend. They look great and everyone involved did an awesome job. God always brings the right people and the right amount of people together for big projects like this.
  • Had another great Dad's Night In last night. It is pretty cool watching some of the fathers in our body brings there children up to church to demonstrate servant leadership to them.
  • The cafe is really taking off well. It will almost be a year in December. WE now offer Iced Jamaican Mocha, gourmet flavored hot ciders, and a better hot chocolate. Soon we will be beginning our FAIR TRADE AND ORGANIC Blends from around the globe. Including: Kenyan, Sumatra, Ethiopian, and Guatemalan.
  • Our bookstore is really beginning to take shape. Working towards new POS signage, better organization, and gearing up for Christmas with inventory buildup and gift certificates.
  • Had my first Youth for Christ Board Meeting last Thursday. I am really excited about what Pete is doing and has vision for in Erie.

I am loving it here at Grace and I am honored God is allowing me to be a part of it.