The Call Came.....

Around the same time everything mentioned in my "Adoption? Remember That?" post happened, we were also influenced by our dear friend Erica who was championing adoption out of foster care around Grace.  So Kelly and I ended up going through Family Services in Erie, PA to explore training and opportunities to be a loving home for a child who for reasons beyond their control were in need of a loving home.

We attended training and eventually put together a profile and ended up on a list for case workers to pull from as they try to match children with appropriate families.  After some hits and misses, we received a call on vacation this July about a child........well actually more than one.  We were kind of blown away, excited, scared and prepared for anything at the same time.  We knew that there are no guarantees until the final day before adoption.  Kids could go back with their parents or a family member could pop up.

Well, its been an emotional road!  It's kind of hard to explain unless you are going through it.  To make a long story short, we have had weekly visits including overnights to slowly introduce the children to our home and family.  They have currently been with the most amazing foster family who have really helped them emotionally and grow in their physical abilities, etc.

A few weeks ago, a judge issued an order a move to fully begin the process of adoption.  Just out of the blue….. So, Kelly and I have been able to have the kids every weekend F-Sun.  We are excited, yet our hearts break for the parents.  Like I said, it is kind of a mixed bag of emotions.  We know God has a plan and whatever it is, the road will be less dragged out and these kids can get to some form of stability and begin a healing process.

Now this doesn’t come without the possibility of any glitches.  There is always a risk until the adoption is final and the last name of the changes. That could take 3 months to a year and a half.  But regardless they will be living with us and we can walk the road of transition, etc.

We are thanking God for this step so far and are asking for continued prayers for the following:

·         Transition – This can be tough, these little girls are dealing with confusion many of us have never experienced.  And for Eli and Owen becoming big brothers in a short time.  They have not had nine months to process a baby coming let alone multiple kids. 
·         The Parents – God loves them as much as their children they may be losing. 
·         That if this truly is God’s will, the timing of the rest of this will proceed quickly.  The major hurdle will be the parental rights.

Please join us in prayer - it will be gratefully appreciated.