Hey GRACE! What about the Kids and Teens?

WE NEED YOU!  That simple.

One of the things we struggle with in a church like Grace that feels called to serve the community is finding the balance in what areas the church serves the church.  There is always much healthy debate.

One area you just can't debate is with our Family Ministry.  In a world where, children and youth are being pulled so many directions and need their church family to help with everything from changing diapers - to singing them songs - to mentoring - to teaching - to sending them onto adulthood well equipped to be ready for this world. 

We have 936 weeks with a child from birth to adulthood.  If there is a place where the church is going to band together to pour into the church, that place is GraceKids and GraceYouth.

  • It is a common misconception that we have enough people serving in these areas.  
  • Yes, this is more important that PTA and the soccer team you coach for your kids, etc.  But we also need more than just parents; this isn't an I served my time kind of area.
  • We need your help in the following areas:
    • Youth (McKean and Harborcreek)
      • Fun, energetic and outgoing adults who have a desire to work with Middle School kids (6-8th grades) and High School students 
      • Men to help plan and facilitate the game/activity time in the fall 
      • Specifically could use some strong male leaders, but are looking for female as well.
      • Contact Kristin with interest and/or questions 
    • Kids (McKean and Harborcreek)
      •  TOP NEED - Preschool and Elementary team members (worship, storyteller, skit leader, small group leaders
      • Event helpers
      • Nursery workers
      • Contact Jess in McKean and Erin in Harborcreek
Volunteering in a ministry is an important step in anyone’s faith journey.  What a way to do it impacting a child's growth into adulthood.