What Multisite Churches can learn from McDonalds

Pink's Travel Tips -- Tip #11 from Daniel Pink on Vimeo.

McDonald's reminds us (those doing multi-site churches)a little bit about the importance of knowing the environment you are going in to. Innovation becomes key to knowing what is a constant between your sites/campuses and what is site specific.

In the video, did McDonald's change the product or environment in some locations because of their values?

Where are you serving the Big Mac where you should be serving soup?


Grace Church Staff Updates - Family Team Update (part 4 of 5)

Here is an overview of our team that has experienced the biggest “makeover”

Our Family Team:
This team has really had the most adversity to overcome as they are all in new roles and ¾ of the team are new to our staff.  To put it bluntly, we unintentionally allowed our growth after the move to draw our attention to reaction to growth as opposed to being proactive with the overall vision of certain teams like the family ministry team.  

We have been very much feeling the need to connect our children’s, youth and post high school ministries by more than being in the same building.  It’s all FAMILY.  When kids move from 5th to 6th, they are not going from GraceKids to GraceYouth (although you are technically); instead we want them to feel they are just transitioning in the family ministry.    We want everyone to understand and fully live out their family role in their immediate context.  So at the same time we are equipping students, we also want to celebrate life moments (baby dedications, bible presentations, salvation/baptism, purity, etc.) and equip/partner with parents to help them lead well in their unique family and parenting situation.  All this well raising up the importance of discipleship in every role.  Students will begin to make their faith their own as we are here to help them grow.  Post high school, we will connect them to the church in accordance with their specific situation. (ie. young married, singles, college ministry, professional, etc)

WHAT? – To connect ministries and create a culture where spiritual growth is consistently transferring from Sunday mornings to the “living room” Monday through Saturday - where parents and leaders feel a partner mentality and all members of the family are chasing after Jesus.  Keeping children and youth more involved in the services (i.e. testimonies, children’s choir)

·         Equip each generation to live out the mission of Jesus in their immediate context.
·         Compelling aspects of the services
·         Celebrate with families when appropriate.

This team is ready for the challenge and are more than qualified for it.  SO PROUD OF THEM.


Grace Church Staff Updates - Operations / Stewardship Team Update (part 3 of 5)

Next we move on to our Operations/Stewardship Team:

WHO? - Operations/Administrator, Stewardship Director and Campus Operations Director

WHAT? – Create an atmosphere of warmth and personal welcome, providing a “safe” environment for people to take their next step toward Christ without any distractions from the car to the seat.  They will achieve this through teaching and practicing good stewardship, utilizing volunteers to care for people and facility need and s reacting to any budget and growth changes. 

·         Fully resource the mission of Grace while removing distractions between people and the Gospel
·         Meet the Budget – Not spend more than we have brought in while still enabling ministry to meet objectives
·         Develop volunteer teams to passionately maintain distraction free environments

This team is key to creating a culture and awareness of things we sometimes don’t like to talk about ($$) and things most don’t pay attention to unless they are in disorder.  Love the heart of this team.


Grace Church Staff Updates - Weekend/Creative Team Update (part 2 of 5)

As part of our transition, we also made a concerted effort to flatten the staff/ministry structure to allow for a team environment and prepare for future growth.   This will take some time for the staff to completely adjust to, but we have had positive success so far.

Here is an overview of our Weekend/Creative Team at Grace Church:

WHAT? – To create a spiritually charged worship environment where people are compelled to attend, inspired to fully participate and motivated to bring others.

This team has the incredible honor of creating a distraction free environment to lead themselves and others to a moment of corporate worship.  This is more than music though; this is through the sermon, the guest experience, any communication, creative videos, involvement from others in the congregation, etc. 

·         Open Source services with life stories, congregational involvement, etc.
·         Compelling aspects of the services
·         Reaching non-believers while remaining gospel centered

Looking forward to the innovation this team has brought us and will continue to in the future.
Next we will talk Family Ministry Team