Grace Church Staff Updates - Family Team Update (part 4 of 5)

Here is an overview of our team that has experienced the biggest “makeover”

Our Family Team:
This team has really had the most adversity to overcome as they are all in new roles and ¾ of the team are new to our staff.  To put it bluntly, we unintentionally allowed our growth after the move to draw our attention to reaction to growth as opposed to being proactive with the overall vision of certain teams like the family ministry team.  

We have been very much feeling the need to connect our children’s, youth and post high school ministries by more than being in the same building.  It’s all FAMILY.  When kids move from 5th to 6th, they are not going from GraceKids to GraceYouth (although you are technically); instead we want them to feel they are just transitioning in the family ministry.    We want everyone to understand and fully live out their family role in their immediate context.  So at the same time we are equipping students, we also want to celebrate life moments (baby dedications, bible presentations, salvation/baptism, purity, etc.) and equip/partner with parents to help them lead well in their unique family and parenting situation.  All this well raising up the importance of discipleship in every role.  Students will begin to make their faith their own as we are here to help them grow.  Post high school, we will connect them to the church in accordance with their specific situation. (ie. young married, singles, college ministry, professional, etc)

WHAT? – To connect ministries and create a culture where spiritual growth is consistently transferring from Sunday mornings to the “living room” Monday through Saturday - where parents and leaders feel a partner mentality and all members of the family are chasing after Jesus.  Keeping children and youth more involved in the services (i.e. testimonies, children’s choir)

·         Equip each generation to live out the mission of Jesus in their immediate context.
·         Compelling aspects of the services
·         Celebrate with families when appropriate.

This team is ready for the challenge and are more than qualified for it.  SO PROUD OF THEM.


pokerpuppitwon6 said...

Really! 3/ 4 of the staff are new?

aaron said...

3/4 of the family team is new to their position with in the last year. we are revamping.