Adoption? Remember that?

My wife Kelly and I spent a lot of time and prayer in our early years of marriage thinking that adoption was for us.  This faded away naturally as we became expectant parents of our quiet and loving first son Eli.  2 years later, our second son Owen "kool-aid manned" his way into the world.

Sometimes in life it's kind of funny the way things happen.  Many of you have experienced the type of moment I am about to describe.  It's a moment that you remember like it happened 5 minutes ago.  Kelly and I (and the boys) were on our way to a family reunion one beautiful late fall day in November in Tennessee in 2010.  Often times when you travel, your conversation can go up and down roads of the past, present and future.  We slowly made our way back down the road of "remember the whole adoption thing".  As we traveled down the road (no pun intended) we began to realize the following:
  • We each still very much had the feeling that God was clearly calling us into caring for orphans.
  • We each felt like we were the only one feeling that way in our marriage and we each were avoiding the conversation with the other simply because we thought our spouse had moved on from that calling. 
Well, it was one of those light bulb moments.  In that car, we laughed, we cried, we talked about how God has uniquely designed our hearts and both of our boys in a unique way to open our home to His calling on our lives.  

Thus began a ride we have been on ever since...........