The Round Up - Balancing Efficiency & Trust in Ministry Staff/Volunteers

Here is the round up of a blog series where I explored the balance of getting efficiency out of those leading in ministry, pushing them (and myself) to high standards, holding them to a firm/fair/consistent working environment; while having heaps of trust in the amazing people I lead with who have skills and talents I will never have or understand - and watching them flourish into what they do so well into the gifts He has blessed them with.

As we passed another Easter season and I was brought to reflection, adoration, worship and love (as were many others) because of so many God-gifted staff members and volunteers at our different campuses, I was reminded of 2 things:

1.  I am led to this because others worship God well by serving Him within the gifts He has gifted them with.

2.  The art of balancing efficiency and trust in staff and volunteers so that God is honored is an art that needs practiced well.

Here is the round up - Click on any link to go to that post.

Balancing Efficiency & Trust in Ministry Staff/Volunteers Intro


#1 - Care for the people who care for the people. (2 of 5)


#2 - Drive the people that drive the people (3 of 5)


#3 - Serve the People that Serve the People (4 of 5)


#4 - Trust - is it achievable? (5 of 5)

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