Motivation Station

Are you into motivating or being motivated? Check out this video  by Daniel Pink, author of Drive :  Daniel is one of the guest speakers at this years Willowcreek Global Leadership Summit.  For more information on registering, please go here.

As I watched this, I had 5 thoughts:
  1. Am I, are you, in a position to motivate?  I believe the answer is yes for everyone. We are either a leader, manager, parent, teacher, supervisor, coworker, friend, spouse, student, etc or all of them.
  2. In any of those positions or relationships that you are in - What motivates you?  What motivates those you lead?
  3. Do you assume that what motivates you also motivates other?  Does it?  
  4. If you are leading motivation and innovation in a non-profit, church or para-church organization, how do you motivate?  Especially without using money?
  5. Daniel mentioned 3 factors that lead to better performance beyond financial.  Do you agree/disagree?  How are you or your organization leading innovation in these areas?
    • Autonomy - the desire to be self directed
    • Mastery - the urge to get better at "stuff"
    • Purpose - the need to be a part of something that transcends profit.  Motive for the greater good.

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