Lebron James - is the HATE justified?

Unbelievable!  Last night the Cleveland CAVS broke their own record for the most consecutive losses in one season.  After finishing the last two season with amazing winning percentages.

While making it to the playoffs both of the preceding winning years, they eventually lost and left the playoffs. You probably already know the rest of the story. If not, read it HERE.  This is a catastrophic example of a team falling a part.  Would your team fall apart if one player was removed?  What would that do to your organization?

My biggest confusion in this whole thing is that so many people harbor anger at Lebron.  Sure, he may have left in a peculiar way - but hasn't it become evident that he is just a standout player that wants to play for an organization that isn't falling apart behind the scenes?  It is very apparent to me that the organization was not being led well from the top down.

Some lessons we could learn from this organization:
  • The Right People - a well known philosophy, yet poorly practiced.  The members of your team need to complement each others' strengths and weaknesses.  Sometimes the most obvious hire or addition doesn't make sense because it is not a fit for your culture or match well with other key players. 
  • More Than One - a team is made up of more than one person.  Putting 70% of your focus and resources towards one player will never bode well for an organization.
  • Deep Bench - in order to achieve "long term" success; every member of your team needs to be pouring into and developing those around them.  This is strategically important with future leaders of your organization.  There tends to be a fear here; "I don't want to train my replacement" seems to be a common worry.
I don't know, maybe you disagree with me and you think the bulk of the fall sits at the feet of Lebron.  But it is hard to argue with why he wanted to jump ship, whether you like how he did it or not.  All players on a team, INCLUDING yours want to be on a team that is led well.  With solid vision, clear player roles and a high level of appreciation no matter what the role is.

Would your team fall apart if it lost a key player?
Have you let any player leaving your team take "HEAT" for something your leadership was responsible for?
Agree or Disagree? 

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