E.T. phone home

Text, Twitter, Facebook, Chat......With the latest and greatest forms of communication, have we lost the art of when it's appropriate to just make the call?

God has really been pushing me in this area. Because people matter (Thanks Mark), we need to meet them where they are at during specific times. Certain things just require a phone call and nothing else (other than in person). I have leaned too far away from phone calls and need to move back.  Phone calls mean more to people in certain situations and you will get the best response when asking something of someone.

In you ministry, business, family:
  • What times/issues do you need to be more sensitive to making a phone call and not send an email?
  • Who on your team needs your attention this week over the phone?
  • Who in your congregation or organization needs to hear from you in a different form than text?
So don't make the phone an alien form of communication.  Remind yourself to make some phone calls each week even if it may take more time.

Now, if you get a voice mail and they never call you back, that's another conversation ;-)

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Lindsey said...

This is a huge struggle for me too, especially in ministry. Sometimes I don't want to deal with things, so I just shoot off an email, but there's been a LOT of mis- communication (not offensive stuff, just "what version of the kids Bible are we using" stuff), that could have easily been cleared up with a phone call. I just finished a management book that talks about the importance of touching base with everyone each week (volunteers, employees, etc). I'm working on it, but it's tough!

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