What do you do now?

With 4 job changes for me in the past year, I have really been on a ride. I now know why. I am right where I am supposed to be finally. If you would have asked me a year ago, I wouldn't have said, " I will be working for Grace in a year." Would have sounded crazy.

I am now the Director of Campus Operations for Grace Church in Erie, PA.

I oversee the management of the Facility, teams to care for the facility, Rentals, excellence, our retail operations (bookstore and cafe), etc. Check this out for more

Here is a recent flyer I sent out (without the graphics, etc)

God has blessed us
with an amazing facility
so we can be
a blessing to others.
(our guests, for example)

Donate Used Equipment
Wheel barrow•
Bench grinder•
Bench saw•
Sledge hammer•
Snow Blower•
Hand Tools (power drill, • pipe wrench, etc)
And more…•

Join our Campus Development and Support Team
Grounds Team•
Turf Team•
Trades Team•
Interior Design/Decorating Team•
Facility Setup/Tear down•
Retail: CafĂ©•
Retail: Bookstore•

Serve on Landscaping Work Day
Saturday, July 26•
We will begin one of the first phases of our landscaping plan.

That should give you a rough idea of some of what I do. I love it.

If you know anyone who may be a good fit for the team, please pass this post along.

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