3 Thoughts

Recently, I have been having problems sleeping. The one positive is I have had a lot of time to reflect on many thoughts including where my position.

Now that the new "jobness" has worn off, I have centered on the following 3 thoughts:

1. Excellence in Everything - With trying to build something from almost the ground up, I am faced with 2 paths daily. Try and do everything that is needed now or focus on doing less with focus and excellence (at least to the best of my ability). How do I get these paths to meet in the middle. What am I doing that I shouldn't even be thinking about right now. I struggle with wanting to solve it all now. This is a constant struggle for me. So the question is - Is there anything that I am doing right now not being done excellently.

2. Organization - In the process of creating and building the Campus Development and Support Teams; Am I doing it in an organized fashion that states clear goals? How am I casting vision to my volunteers for life change through washing windows and repair work?

3. Comfortable - What can I do to make sure I never lapse into "comfortable" mode here. This is a big one that can be laced with complacency. In order to stay ahead of the game, know the needs of the church, and consistently take "unventured" steps into the future. I need to constantly remind myself of staying ahead of the curve and the what do I need to do next mindset. How do I do that?

3 P.S. thoughts-

1. How do I get the grass to look better without paying for even more fertilizer?

2. Trying to be accomplished everyday in a cubicle environment. What systems can I put in place to keep myself in motion without distraction.

3. What is the next up and coming blend of coffee we need to get in the cafe? Any suggestions? Winter Ideas?

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