Our visitor...

Well, coming home from the marina on Saturday (from another great day at the beach with the boat), we picked up a lost dog in the middle of traffic. Kelly has a soft spot for lost animals. No tags or anything. Clean and well taken care of - no smell, good teeth, very well mannered. We are housing him while we are looking for the owner. We have been putting the word out everywhere. He is extremely well behaved and I am becoming very attached to him. You see, he is a "man's dog".

1. I now understand how kelly is so attached to Connick.

2. If anything, this has improved my patience with Connick.

3. If I have grown this big attachment to him in this short amount of time, someone out there is really missing a well trained dog. I feel bad for them and hope we can connect them again.


Anonymous said...

He's a cutie!

Dave said...

Dear Friends,

I am the owner of this precious puppy. Please return him to his rightful master. We live in a yellow house just down the street from you. I'm sure you'll find us.

The Puppy Master