So it has been one of those weeks with the boys. Those of you with 2 children know exactly what I am talking about. You let yourself get so frustrated and then you get a little reminder about slowing things down and taking it in.

Bedtime Saturday night:

Daddy: Okay boy's, who wants to pray?

Eli: Should we pray for Jesus?

Owen: Hey daddy, why did Jesus die on the tross? (not a typo)

Eli: To take our sins away Owen.
Daddy and Mommy further elaborate on Eli's explanation.

Daddy: Okay, let's pray.

Eli: Dear Lord, thank you for Jesus dying on the cross. Help me and Owen to have fun at school and to be good so we don't go in timeout. And help me to not fall off my bunk bed. (don't worry, we have one with a built in rail - he has not fallen out yet) Amen.

Daddy: Alright boys, get into bed. Mommy and Daddy love you.

Eli: I want to sleep in Owen's bed...(Whiny)

Mommy: No, you guys will never fall asleep.

Daddy: C'mon, let's go, Eli - in your bed.

Eli licks Owen

::giggle, giggle::

Owen licks Eli

::giggle, giggle::

Eli licks Owen

May I soak in every moment like that....except the licks; well maybe those too.

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rachel said...

this is awesome. i laughed outloud picturing the whole thing. thanks for replaying :)