The meaning of guest service changes as the guest changes.

The meaning of guest service changes as the guest changes.

When I was in the retail industry, we would often discuss about how so many restaurants fail because they keep marketing to and servicing the customers through campaigns and efforts that were successful 5-10 years ago. We knew we did not want to run our business with that mentality. So each year, we would evaluate what initiatives were attracting foot traffic and those that didn't make sense anymore. Then we would immediately cease the poor performing initiatives and drive all of our efforts towards those that were driving sales.

Now that I am in the position of helping to manage operations at Grace, I see that this thought process makes complete sense as we evaluate how we are attracting our guests (those we are trying to reach through our ministry). Over the past few years, we have had to make some drastic changes because our guests have changed. Simple as that. A prime example is the use of technology and the art of communicating with technology.

Any church that constantly evaluates guest attracting processes and responds to the changing needs and desires of their evolving guest base will successfully provide relevant services allowing for optimum attraction and spiritual growth.

What changes has your church had to make?

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