Hard to Believe

Christmas is just around the corner. Glad we have most of our shopping completed.

  • Really appreciative of the team I have to create an amazingly decorated environment at the church. I have no gifts there, but I can string lights...
  • After much time in prayer and discussion with Kelly, we have decided to push the pause button on selling the house.. We both felt really unsettled about it.
  • Eli turns 5 in a little more than a week and Owen turns 3 in a month. It is really hard to believe. Kelly will be 31 in 2 months. This is really my birthday stretch for those in my family.
  • Prices are being increased in the cafe this weekend. Should be a smooth transition. Will be beginning a clearance and Christmas sale in the bookstore the Sunday after Thanksgiving.
  • Switch cubicles this week with Danielle. It is opposite of mine, so everything is in the same yet different spot. I go to reach for a drawer that used to be on the right and it is on the left. Getting adjusted just fine though.
  • Love Derek's last 2 blogs. I could just sit at his feet and learn all day long. He takes information you already know and helps you really dive into deeper meanings of it.
  • Dave cracks me up. His child-like appreciation for the snow has helped my children learn to love it!

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