Changing of a Culture Part 2

Changing of a Culture continued:

2. Coffee and other drinks in the Worship Rooms. This is not merely a "let's not stain the carpet with spills" issue. As a matter of fact, that is not the issue. If that were the case, we would not allow coffee and beverages anywhere. The issue here is do we allow it or not. Does it change the spiritual nature of the service? A few weeks ago, we had everyone get up and walk to communion and I saw people walking to get their communion with a "Highly Caffeinated Chaser" in one arm. I read an interesting post allowing coffee in Worship; which side of the line should we fall on. Either way, it is one of the culture changes we need to decide now and the reason why we chose the direction we did.

3. This last one is a non negotiable that churches have been dealing with for years.
Stewardship in Church Resources
We need to create an environment that empowers and motivates those utilizing our facility to be good stewards of utilities, paper products and other items purchased for meetings/etc. I know there is a way to teach initiative in this area. Whether it is during the week or on Sunday mornings. Saving money is a good thing.

One last note, my brother and his family will be up from NC this week. Looking forward to it. I love spending time with him.

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