National Prayer Service

Watched the National Prayer Service yesterday. After watching quite a few of these over the last few inaugurations, and at first I was wondering.....

Why don't we just make these specific to the religion of the President?
If the incoming president is Jewish, shouldn't it be a Jewish centered service?
If the incoming president is Hindu, shouldn't it be a Hindu oriented service?
If the incoming president is Agnostic, shouldn't there not be a service?
If the incoming president is Christian, shouldn't it be a Christian service?
It seemed as though 35 religions had a part in it.

Then I realized this.......

“President-elect Obama’s faith is a central part of his life and he will begin the first full day of his Administration with a service of interfaith prayer and reflection,“ said Presidential Inaugural Committee Communications Director Josh Earnest. “The National Prayer Service, which will embody the themes of tolerance, unity and understanding, is a worship service for all Americans. “

so that makes sense, I guess.

Your thoughts?

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