Random Thoughts

  • Kelly's Birthday this week. Gosh, she makes me happy! She has added so much joy to my life.
  • Boy's are in the "test everything" stage. And by everything, I mean patience. And by " " - I did those for Danielle.
  • With it being so cold lately, have all of the Global Warming Kool Aid drinkers gone into hiding. Don't really hear them shouting it from the roof tops anymore...
  • Expectations are high for Obama. I wonder how quick impatient Americans will turn on him if he doesn't meet all the hype. Better yet, I wonder what this country will look like if he meets and exceeds those expectations.
  • Obama is not Lincoln people - let him be his own person...oh wait - most of that comes from his own team. be yourself Obama.....
  • I respect all Presidents and wish people on all sides would not say such hateful statements. I am glad there is not a whole country to pick apart everyone of my decisions.
  • Why the Steelers, why again. Somebody end this pain!


Dave said...

Oh, the GW nuts are out there. In fact -- unbelievably -- some are suggesting that global warming is the cause of the US Airways crash the other day in New York:


Mythell said...

Global Warming Kool Aid Drinkers?? Tsk.

Barb said...

WHAT?!!! Why the Steelers? Cause they're the Steelers! I'm excited! Superbowl here we come! Obama? I respect the presidents too but I feel there is so much more hype about THIS inauguration than any other and there's something wrong with that.