Voting with your feet (repost from my other blog)

For those of us in Office Country or Cubicle Land that have an influence on customers, guests, visitors, etc. I have one question for you:
What is your organizations, business or non-profits "dirty dining room"?

In the world of Restaurants, most people vote with their feet when they visit an establishment that lacks care for cleanliness. Sure, some patrons make a comment to an employee or the manager, but most just don't return. Dining room and bathroom cleanliness is most likely on the restaurants core values list, but lower than the value of something like quality food.

In search of quality food, most diners will complain over a bad meal because they perceive they are paying for quality food and not necessarily cleanliness.

Some thoughts:

  • So your customers/guests pay for a main service or product. Your customers may be thrilled with that or at least willing to tell you when they are not. What is your company's "dirty dining room" that they may not be informing you about?
  • Are your employees holding this "dirty dining room" to their standards, yours, OR the customers?
  • Does your organization have a good avenue for customers/guests to voice their opinions about the "quality food" and "dining room cleanliness" or other values your company considers when marketing their product/service and building repeat business?


Gledwood said...

The most famous provincial restaurant in England, The Fat Duck, which is run by the 3-Michelin-starred Heston Blumenthal, who is crazy on hygeine, even that closed down (voluntarily) for four days last week after 40 people came down mysteriously sick after dining there...
... health and safety did checks but no precise cause of the D&V could be established and the restaurant's reopened...

Anonymous said...

Good post, adding it to my blog now, thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

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