"Your life is an Occasion, rise to it"

Yesterday was a great day off. Movie Day - watched 5 movies - didn't leave the house at all. It was amazing.
One of the movies was Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium. It was a great kids movie, enjoyable for me too (just one 2 min cheesy part near the end)

It was a great movie about life and soaking in every minute of it. My favorite line was when Mr Magorium says, "your life is an occasion, rise to it..." So often we tend to look at the busyness in our schedule or some may focus on what is not going well in their life. When you rise to the occasion, you move beyond the low points - you focus on all the little things that bring you joy and you stress out an immeasurable amount less.

You dance with your kids (and your wife) anytime - anywhere, you play in the dirt, you shovel cookie batter in your mouth, you don't leave your pajamas for an entire day, etc. I love my life and those around me; I just hope I soak it in enough.


Dave said...

Hi there; long time reader here. You're a great American.

Just one comment:
I think it's rude that you have to leave Google reader to read the rest of your entries. Perhaps you don't even realize that that happens. If not, accept my apology. If you're intentionally doing it for some reason, may I ask why?

Thanks for all you do! PTL

Cory Cragle said...

Great Movie, I have recently thought about buying 100 pairs of shoes and seeing if it will last me until I die? Maybe I could get a really good deal at Costco?

Anonymous said...

Nice and thanks!